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Nami Insurance - PoC.V2 Mini Update

By Vinh Tien 18/01/2023
Nami Insurance - PoC.V2 Mini Update

With the goal of improving user experience, Nami Insurance announces the release of Mini Update PoC.V2 at 03:00 PM on January 18, 2023, with details as follows:

Update the chart time

In order to increase transaction smoothly, Nami Insurance has updated the 5m and the feature to save the Indicator even if the user has reloaded the page or converted to another asset.

Edit the profit display

The Contract History and the Sharing interface will be displayed with an additional Profit ratio (PnL). This can be understood as the User's Profit/Loss after deducting the margin.

  • The Contract History interface

  • The Sharing interface

Additional stats

At the main interface and the Home interface, Nami Insurance has updated the Total Payback index. This is an important indicator of transparency and credibility through the amount of USDT that Nami Insurance has paid and refunded for qualified insurance cover.

Edit the payout time

Nami Insurance will change the payout time for users to 15 minutes after the contract hits the P-Claim price instead of 60 minutes as before.

Sharing and tracking insurance contracts

To save the contracts on Desktop, users press "Download" and post photos on personal channels such as Facebook, Telegram, Discord, ...

In addition, users share the link for friends to follow their own contracts, specifically:

  • Step 1: After entering “Share Contract”, select “Share”
  • Step 2: Send the link to your friends or groups, users can track your contract information


  • Insurance policy status is always properly updated
  • Friends can buy the same policy by clicking “Buy Insurance”

Nami Insurance - Change Risk to Payback

Nami Insurance is a decentralized hedging protocol that applies Blockchain technology to provide a reliable and transparent decentralized insurance service, minimizing the risk of user's loss of property value when the market has strong price fluctuations.

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