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How to check the insurance history?

By Vinh Tien 28/12/2022
How to check the insurance history?

Checking through Nami Insurance interface

Step 1: Go to NamiInsurance.io website, then select My Insurance Contract at the connected wallet address

Step 2: Check the information fields on the insurance contract, users need to note the term corresponding to their contract

For the rest of the information fields, users can refer to Nami Insurance's glossary system in the Guideline section

Some note:

  • Users can view personal insurance statistics and filter by 30/60/90 day term.
  • When the user selects the code displayed in the Contract column, the system will redirect to BSC Scan for the user to check the details of his Insurance Policy. When needing  support, users can send HashID to Nami's Customer Service.

Checking through BSC Scan

Step 1: Access Contract History at the Buy Insurance interface to check the history

Select View Details at the insurance contract you need to check

Select the contract code , the system will switch to the BSC Scan interface

Step 2: Click the Insurance Smartcontract  at the history interface, now the user will be directed to the interface of BSC Scan

Step 3: At the interface showing the insurance contract on BSC Scan, users can check the following information:

  • Transaction Hash
  • Current status of the contract (Status)
  • Timestamp (Timestamp)
  • User Wallet (From)
  • Deposit Amount (Token Transferred)

Users can check more details about their insurance contract through the following steps:

Step 1: Copy the Smartcontract into the search bar on BSC Scan

Step 2: Select the Contract, then select Read ContractStep 3: At the InsuranceState , the user enters the last 4 digits of the HashID in the Transaction history section

Step 4: After entering the HashID, the user can check the details of his insurance policy, including:

  • Smartcontract
  • Wallet address
  • Assets type
  • Margin
  • Q-Covered
  • P-Market
  • P-Claim
  • Contract Status
  • Period Payout date
  • P-Expired