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How to buy Nami Insurance?

By Vinh Tien 28/12/2022
How to buy Nami Insurance?

Step 1: Go to https://namiinsurance.io/buy-covered and select the Buy Cover, after finishing Connect the Wallet

Step 2: After the wallet is connected, the Nami Insurance system will suggest to the user a term insurance contract and the best Q-Claim level with the following specific parameters:

However, based on individual needs, users can customize the input parameters. Then the system algorithm gives the remaining corresponding parameters. Some parameters can be adjusted:

Step 3: Select “Confirm” and Press “Verify” on Metamask:


  • The system will automatically update the latest data every 10 seconds, users need to click Confirm to update the price of Q-Cover
  • Need to prepare some BNB for confirmation feeStep 4: At the successful purchase notification pop-up, the user selects Complete to finish the insurance purchase process and return to the main interface.
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